Cadence was being raised and trained to be an assistance dog for someone with a physical disability or who is deaf or hard-of-hearing but in October of 2016, she was chosen for the Assistance Dogs International Breeding Cooperative. Cadence remained in the PADS community and had 3 litters contributing 27 puppies to training programs at PADS and other ADI schools in North America.

After her retirement from breeding, Cadence took the next step in her journey and joined the Advanced Training program where she is learning new skills to be an Service Dog.

It truly takes a village to raise a puppy, and you can be part of Cadence’s village and receive monthly updates about her — all donations raised through this page go directly towards our veterinary care fund to ensure that Cadence and her puppies are healthy and happy. Help support Cadence today.


Breed:Golden Retriever (Female)

Birthdate:February 27, 2015

Dam:Indiana Canine Assistant Network's Alpine

Sire:Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind's Sapo

Puppy-Raisers:Tara Doherty, Brian Dong, Alan Hodgson, Elisabeth Macmillian

Program of Origin:Canine Partners for Life

Caretakers:Tara Doherty

Advanced Sitter:Emma Hedman, Tara Doherty

Advanced Trainer:Margaret Hicks / Lisa Davis