Accredited Facility Dog Team Kelly and Ace have sent us an update on their work, and we’re thrilled to see how they are supporting students together!

“I was fortunate to have Ace work with me during the last few months of the 2022/23 school year. He quickly made an impact with the secondary students and was “invited” to the Dinner/Dance Ceremony at the Bayshore Hotel. Decked out with a bow tie and his usual engaging personality, Ace was a big hit at the event!

As a Vice Principal at one of the largest secondary schools, Ace quickly became an instrumental partner with me – meeting with students and parents and accompanying me during lunch hours to visit with students inside and outside and being their friendly reminder to head back to class when breaks were over. His attendance at all school events, from band concerts to sporting events, as well as the day-to-day school work, allowed students and staff to adopt Ace as part of our secondary school community. During the summer, my family and I really enjoyed our time together with Ace.

This fall, Ace is working with me at a new school – I am currently working as an Acting Principal at an elementary school. Ace and I welcome students in the morning and visit students on the playground at recess and lunch and in classrooms as well. Ace brings a level of enthusiasm out in everyone he meets and has transitioned from working with teenagers to working at a K to Gr. 5 school with ease.

I am so thankful to all of the volunteers, puppy raisers, sitters and staff at PADS – Thank you, PADS community, for all you’ve done to work together with us!”

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