Spring seems to have finally sprung in Calgary, which means more outdoor experiences. We have been to the Bow River several times now, and Alpine is a little more comfortable going into the water each time we go. We have been going for more ‘fun’ walks where Alpine can sniff and explore her surroundings. This has helped her slow down a bit when it comes to working and training sessions which is the goal. At times, Alpine loves working a little bit too much and begins moving without thinking things through completely. 

With the weather warming, our training classes are occurring more consistently outside, and this has been great for Alpine. She struggles to contain her excitement around other dogs. Learning how to work and maintain her concentration has been tough for her. I see improvement with every week that passes. 

I cherish every day with Alpine as I know that our time together is limited, and she is destined for bigger and better things. This month, Alpine will be accompanying me to more appointments than she has previously. Which will allow her to experience new environments where she can practice settling.

Submitted by: Stephanie