This month we had a couple of firsts. Last week was Alpine’s first trip to the off leash park.

We have been working hard on her recall as sometimes the world gets a little too exciting and it was finally time to test our skills.

I am pleased to say that she did quite well. We still need to work on listening when there are other dogs around and matching her play style to that of other dogs.

This is a skill that we will continue to work on and improve.


Additionally, we have been working on ‘house manners’ and learning that we can’t party 24/7. She is learning ‘bed’ and ‘settle’ which will help her learn to relax in a designated area. This is a slow process but it is so rewarding to see her put the pieces together. When out in public, she is learning to ignore other people, especially when they tell her how cute she is. We are working on her default being to look to her handler to guidance. This weekend, we had a great outing with only a couple incidence of the “wiggles” which were easily redirected.

This month marks her 6 month birthday! We plan to celebrate the day with a new toy and a special treat. She has learnt so much in her first few months and I am so excited to see where the next 6 take us.

Submitted By: Stephanie