Alpine has been making great strides in her training.

 This month we have focused on increasing the duration of ‘sit’ and ‘down’ while adding in distractions such as people walking near by and working around food and toys.

Additionally, she has started to learn ‘stand’, ‘kennel’, ‘side’ and ‘heel’.

We have continued our occasional public outings where our main goal is checking in and loose leash walking.


Training aside, Alpine has finally started to lose her puppy teeth!  All the chewing on nylabones and stuffed toys has paid off, which we are both quite happy about.  She has spent some time around younger children and is learning to be respectful.

 Although she can get quite excited, she quickly calms down and regains her focus when asked.  I have started introducing her to puzzle games which she figures out within a few minutes.  She is a very smart girl who loves when she is taught something new.

Submitted By: Stephanie