Aslan has finally been matched with an Advanced Trainer and joined Emma’s string of dogs in Chilliwack! He is now spending his weekdays living and training on a quiet farm. He gets daily training sessions, is learning to take turns in group training environments, and gets tons of exercise, enrichment activities, and opportunities to just “be a dog.” On weekends, Aslan has a dedicated sitter to provide him with time away from training to absorb his lessons and one-on-one time full of loving. A cool thing about joining Emma’s string is that he has been reunited with brother Diego! These boys are seriously “twinning”. They provide a fun challenge when both are naked (without collars) during playtime. It’s a good thing there are subtle differences, but sometimes it takes a second to differentiate the two! 

  • Skills being learned: Revisiting basics, adding durations, increasing recall difficulty 
  • Recent field trips: Restaurant 
  • Possible behavior challenges:  TBD
  • Advanced training location: West Coast (Satellite)

Thank you once again for your continued support of Advanced Dog Aslan!

Submitted by: Emma, Advanced Trainer