Can hardly believe it’s been 8 weeks of puppy-raising Asti, she has well and truly settled in and formed a firm friendship with Hugo, my son’s cat. They have some great interactions however, despite Hugo’s best efforts to encourage Asti to chase, she is learning this is not allowed.

Asti is a pretty easygoing pup, who aims to please. We are both learning so much together, I feel she’s teaching me to be honest.

Asti does the BEST zoomies, as well as the best baby goat jumping all fours off the ground, when playing in the yard, one of the best and funniest segments of raising a puppy.

Asti knows most of her puppy commands now and sometimes forgets she’s in a stay but a return to the spot and reinforcement usually works the second time around.

Fantastic loose leash walks, however with the melting snow one day stopped hearing a new sound, rushing water…down the road drains. We stopped to investigate and even walked over the grate and this was a great big YESSSS.

Some unwanted distractions are uncovered by the snow, candy wrappers, and sticks, but also a great learning opportunity to Leave It. Today loose lease walking was interrupted by blowing leaves, again another great learning opportunity.

Asti visited a shopping mall for the first time and was brilliant, this gal amazes me every day. Working on control when meeting other dogs as Asti pulls to get closer, but really trying to distract, block and feed, and puppy classes are the most challenging as I think she thinks it is one big puppy party!!!

Excited for April, nicer weather and more outdoor adventures, learning and fun.

Submitted by: Isy