May has been full of new adventures for Asti, she went on her first camping trip and loved the great outdoors and freedom. Asti is the best traveller, used to different vehicles and different spots inside. At 7 months old now, we’re still working on that first-morning kennel release as she is just full of wiggles and excited to start her day.

Her second new experience was an outing to Spruce Meadows. We were invited to walk around the grounds and barns. Asti met two ponies and seemed uninterested, I think all the new smells were more stimulating.
Her puppy zoomies are becoming less frequent, I sure love those but a sign I guess she is maturing.

All in all a fun-filled month, a good combination of training, new adventures and downtime, not sure about Asti’s sisters but she snores like a pro. Between Asti and hubby, it’s quite a musical experience. lol

Submitted by: Isy