September has been a super fun and busy month field trip-wise. Early in September, we volunteered at the annual RCMP golf tournament. It was a chilly start but as soon as that sun came out it was a beautiful day on a fantastic course out in the country. Asti was happy to greet each golf cart and in between enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Asti has now experienced all four seasons Calgary has to offer, and she just loved her first Fall off leash with crunchy leaves on the ground, the smell, and the sound. Asti is not phased by any new encounters, she is curious at first, and then enjoys her time off leash, especially after a week of working and training hard.

Myself and Asti had the privilege to be invited to the Spruce Meadows Masters Championships, we were super lucky to be sat right next to the arena with a great view of all the competitors. The smell of horses and the sound of galloping and crowds cheering were a great training opportunity but laid-back and Asti just took the opportunity to have a rest in the shade. Many other experiences that day, and she was a superstar for all of them.

Finally, a Puppy class field trip to Bass Pro has rounded off one of our busiest months so far.

Bus ride postponed but we will aim to achieve this goal in early October, along with all the Thanksgiving and Halloween festivities we may stumble upon.

Submitted by: Isy