Ok, we are getting ahead of the 8 ball this month! July isn’t even quite over yet and we are submitting!

July has been pretty chill. I got my naughty pants on today and was spotted on the table outside this morning. In fairness, the little human brother probably dropped some crumbs on it and I was helping mom to clean them up!

I got a new ride in July, I quite enjoy it. I don’t stick my head out of the top when we are riding, but I did when we went over to visit my friend PADS Birdie.

This month my fur brother, Charlie, and I did lots of canoodling, I went to yoga at Stewart Park (I was very good at the downward dog!), and I have been lounging around a lot in this heat. I love the dog basket but I am a bit too big and my big ears always hang out.

I have been to work and have spent time with my favourite pig friend, I like to nap with them.

I have been to lots of puppy classes, some in the park and some at the church. I have even had a few one on ones this month because my naughty pants get a bit bigger when I am in a new environment and there is lots to stimulate me. But I am trying very hard and I usually start to get the hang of what is expected after a few minutes (and lots of treats! Have I told you how much I LOVE treats and sticks?). And let’s be honest, my mom is the weakest link in this duo, so she benefits from knowing how she should be doing things properly.

I went to my human sister’s soccer game this month and resisted very strong urges to chase the ball and the other dog that was there watching too.

Recently I did a dry run for paddle boarding, which I aced. Elaine used to take me out as a puppy so I think I remember the drill.

And yesterday I hung out by the pool, but I fell in the pool a while ago and so I don’t go too close to the edge now. Charlie stays even further away from the edge than me, but Boston Terriers are not known for their prowess in the water.

I also had a bath this month, which I did NOT enjoy. But it certainly made me look and smell much prettier!

Well, that was July in a nutshell. See you in August!

Submitted by: Charlotte