Well, here it is almost the end of July and my raiser hasn’t filled you in on June yet! June seems like so long ago already.

I made one trip to the lower mainland to watch my human brother run in a track meet. I sat quietly and watched the runners do their thing. I watched some jumping events and thought that jumping looked fun so when I got home I thought I would try it.

I had my eyes tested in June (and got weighed, I was 64lbs), with my friend PADS Birdie. We met PADS Jax there too. Then the next day I went with my human to have her eyes tested too, thankfully neither of us had any issues.

I like to sleep under my human’s bed. I struggle to get under there though so often my butt sticks out, sometimes my head.

I love to hang out with my fur brother, Charlie. He is a bit crazy, but he loves me too. We like to run and chase each other, especially down by the lake. He doesn’t like the water so much so I can get away from him by going a little deeper than he can. His legs are really short, so it isn’t hard to do!

Well, that is it for June. Stay tuned for July…

Submitted by: Charlotte