Bagel has had quite an exciting month! She has quickly become everyone’s favourite in the office due to her wiggly butt and sweet demeanour. The biggest challenge we face together is reminding everyone that she can’t be pet (although if you talk to Bagel, she may say the opposite).

We ended up moving into a new house this month, Bagel enjoyed unpacking all her toys and making sure she had some in every room.

Her training has been going well and it’s been funny to watch. As soon as her vest goes on she becomes a much calmer and more engaged puppy. We are continuing to work on loose leash training in high-distraction areas, (such as around other dogs), but she continues to surprise me with her willingness to learn. Bagel is an absolute delight to have in our home and we are so excited to see what she will accomplish next month. 🙂

Submitted by: Bridgit Dettling