First things first, I had the time of my life on our little escapades. My foster family took me camping under the starry skies, and I must admit, I was a bit unsure at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. The fresh air, new scents, and all those intriguing critters had my tail wagging nonstop. Oh, and the lake! I dove right in, and guess what? I’m a natural swimmer! Splashy fun all around!

But that’s not all, my fur-iends. I had the honour of hanging out with two other doggos while my foster family was babysitting. Let me tell you, I was on my best behaviour! We played, shared toys, and had the time of our lives. It felt like I was part of a super cool doggy club!

And oh, my training sessions! They were pawsitively fantastic. We worked on some restraint tasks, and I must say, I’ve improved a lot. Patience is not always easy for a pup like me, but I’ve been mastering it like a pro. It’s an essential skill for a good dog, right?

Submitted by: Bridgit Dettling