Bagel, our spirited and well-behaved little girl! This month has been nothing short of thrilling for the beloved pup. From attending her first puppy party, where she joyfully interacted with furry friends, to gracefully paddling along with us on a paddleboarding excursion, her enthusiasm for new experiences knows no bounds.

One of the most impressive aspects of Bagel’s recent journey is her remarkable ability to remain calm and composed in various situations. During her paddleboarding adventure, she displayed a sense of serenity that left us in awe. Her newfound composure is a testament to her growing maturity and resilience.

But it’s not just in her outdoor escapades that Bagel has been excelling. Her training has been a resounding success, marked by her enhanced restraint and focus on tasks. This progress has translated into her behaviour in bustling, high-traffic areas, where she now navigates with a newfound sense of calm and self-assuredness.

In a mere month, Bagel has transformed into a model of poise, adaptability, and obedience. Her eagerness to learn and explore, coupled with her ability to maintain her cool in various scenarios, makes her a remarkable and cherished future service dog. We eagerly anticipate the adventures that lie ahead as Bagel continues to grow and thrive in her journey of companionship and discovery.

Submitted by: Bridgit