Bagel has been working hard this month. I have noticed she has begun to overindulge in seeking attention from those around her, so we have had to work on showing restraint. She has touched the hearts of everyone in the office and when she works from home with my boyfriend, I get questions from all my co-workers asking where she is. We have been working mostly on stay and settle, although we have started working on heel and side. She is getting so big, every time I see her, I could swear she grew! She is still the most loving sweet girl. Her kind-hearted nature has had a major impact on all the animals in my house: my cat and dog never got along, but since Bagel has come into our home, all the pets have been co-existing and I have even caught them cuddling on occasion.

Bagel enjoys napping all day at the office, going for walks, and trying new (approved) treats! She is always up for an adventure and her confidence grows each and every day!

Submitted by: Bridget