Bagel has had an exciting month! We moved into a new home, and she has a nice big backyard to roll around in. She loves coming to work every day and has quickly become a local celebrity in the office. Her sweet and gentle nature has made many people question why their pets aren’t so calm.

This month we have spent lots of time focusing on off-leash behaviour. We have gained enough trust between the two of us that I know she will stay with me when she is off-leash. We are mainly focusing on recall at the moment, and I have learned that Bagel LOVES hearing her own name. Once you call her, her whole body begins to wiggle. She has been doing surprisingly well with the off-leash training.

Something we are trying to improve this month is her restraint when coming into contact with other people or dogs. The golden in her makes her the friendliest dog you have ever seen! She constantly needs to be reminded she is working and needs to stay focused on the task at hand. We are also working on toileting on new surfaces on command. This will better prepare her to help her client in whatever role they have.

Bagel also got to go on her first camping trip over the May long weekend! She had such a good time being off duty for a few days. It was a well-deserved vacation!

Bagel has shown a lot of progress this month and we are enjoying working as a team!

Submitted by: Bridgit