This month, Benelli spent a week with a sitter.  They went on lots of adventures together!  They spent a day in the kindergarten class at Miller Park School, where the students read to her.  They visited Burquitlam Animal Hospital so she could get weighed.  They shopped at Coquitlam Centre, the grocery store and Bosley’s Pet Store.  They travelled on transit busses to downtown Port Coquitlam, walked through town, then took the busses back home again.  Benelli also got to play in the neighbourhood parks.

“While waiting for the first bus on our day on transit, Benelli was in a “Go In” under the bench for 10 minutes without a treat, just verbal praise.  Two people with 2 dogs each came walking by us, and only then did I treat her and continue to praise her while they passed.  She stayed in her “Go In” another 5 minutes without a treat until the bus came.  Very impressive!”

Submitted By: Raffi Mckillop (part-time raiser)