This month can best be described as WET. Benelli is a pretty waterproof dog and regularly goes swimming in torrential downpours, but even she has a limit. Rain rain, go away! Benelli’s trainer has moved to a new home this month, and she’s spent quite a bit of time in unfamiliar spaces, which she has dealt with very well. She has met a variety of new farm animals and remembered her manners. Small furry and flappy animals are to be ignored! Benelli has been getting more comfortable with the “rude” behaviours she’s learning (My Lap, arm nudges etc.) and now thinks it’s quite fun to push my hand around with her snout or climb on my lap for a cuddle session.

  • Skills being learned: My Lap, Interrupters.
  • Recent field trips: Cabela’s, Willowbrook Mall, Langley off-leash park.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Lacks confidence
  • Advanced training location: West Coast (Satellite)  

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Benelli!

Submitted by: Emma, Trainer