This month Benelli enjoyed some pretty spectacular Fall hikes! The cooler weather brings out her silly side…which is never very far from the surface. She has gone on a variety of field trips to ensure her well-mannered behaviour holds up in all situations she might encounter as a working Service Dog. She is enjoying learning some new skills that are right up her alley. Benelli is a very cuddly dog, and she loves being in close contact with her people. 

  • Skills being learned: Interrupter behaviours (chin rest, nose nudge, My Lap)
  • Recent field trips: Langley Events Centre, Lougheed Mall, movie theatre, Willowbrook Mall
  • Possible behavior challenges: Lack of confidence
  • Advanced training location: West Coast (Satellite)

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Benelli!

Submitted by: Emma – Trainer