Benji survived the heat wave this month! His long, fluffy coat wasn’t doing him any favours, but we kept all activity to the cooler early morning and late evenings. The middle of the day was spent being hosed off and hanging out in the paddle pools on the farm. His trainer took advantage of these low-key days to focus on Benji’s durations and settling behaviours. Benji is such a gentle, calm boy. He has definitely not been too bothered by the decrease in exercise!

  • Skills Being Learned: Calmer greetings of his favourite humans, chin rests on laps and body targeting
  • Recent Field Trips: Library, beach, grocery stores
  • Possible Behavior Challenges: Scavenging, inappropriate greetings
  • Advanced Training Location: West Coast (Satellite)

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Benji!

Submitted By: Emma, Advanced Trainer