This month was exciting! I did my four month walk and talk (a little late) and aced it! I just have to work on putting on my cape more willingly and some other small things. I walk much better on leash with my front clip harness, which is good because I’m almost 50 pounds now, so my raiser says she appreciates the lack of pulling.

I miss my doggy roommate, who moved out, but my raiser is now making more of an effort to arrange puppy playdates, so I’m making lots of new friends and training partners and the new human roommate is talking about maybe getting me a cat sister!

For my 6 month half birthday we went to Victoria! I had a better go accident on the ferry but otherwise everything went just swell. I got a pumpkin pupcake and got to go and run around off leash in Beacon Hill Park, right by the water! We also explored some record stores, cafes and the butterfly gardens. They were very accommodating there and even offered to watch me while my raiser explored, but I showed them all my maturity and explored with her with minimal issues. I’m convinced everything is just a different kind of dog- including the big fish in the pond!

Speaking of ponds, I am adjusting to the Summer heat. My raiser got an A/C just for me, which I love, and a kiddy pool from Canadian Tire which took me about five minutes to figure out before I was bobbing for toys. I impressed her in Canadian Tire – we did the whole thing with no treats and I still did great!

I haven’t got there yet but I’m also planning on marching in the pride parade this Sunday – I have a little tutu and a rainbow bowtie. I’m excited for that!! My raiser said something about glitter???

Submitted by: Leoni Paul