This month was a good month for me; my raiser and I volunteered at the Burnaby Hat’s Off Street festival, and I impressed everyone by settling in all the chaos. I also got used to seeing my raiser drive, which was new and exciting, and she says I was a star when she went to sit the knowledge test. I also attended a wedding right at the start of the month, to which I wore a pretty bandana (white with sunflowers). In other news, I have been focusing on off-leash recall. With Summer rolling in, I’ve been to the beach and Pacific Spirit Park more, and I am not rushing off the bus. I will graduate from puppy kindergarten soon, too! When I turn six months old next month, my raiser says that she can use a front clip harness with me (my weight is almost half of hers now, so sometimes, when I pull or run on a leash, she has a harder time getting my attention). Overall I’ve had a good month, here’s to many more! (I hear I’m going on something called a ferry next month?) 

Submitted by: Leoni Paul