This month I did all kinds of exciting things; I attended my first wedding! I sat quietly in the pews during the ceremony with my little white bow on (my raiser made sure I looked very pretty) and met a little girl called Amanda, who kept giggling when I licked her hand. I tried a little nibble to see if she had treats and rolled onto her back laughing- I do that too when I’m excited! After the ceremony, my raiser brought out my travel crate, and I worked on my first frozen kong (man, was that hard work) and had a nap while everybody had dinner. 

I also attended a documentary at the Rio this month. It was about Dinosaur Jr., and I learnt a lot about rock and roll in America-at some point, I drifted off and woke to lots of people laughing. It turns out I was snoring louder than the movie, so my raiser had to slide my dinosaur stuffie under my head before I fell back asleep. I wasn’t too sure about Commercial Drive- there were a lot of noises, and I didn’t like it until we retired to Grounds for Coffee for a few minutes to re-center. 

I accompanied my raiser to her knowledge test for ICBC- I’m getting so good at settling under a chair or table while she does her thing. We saw Wilma and Miley this month too! It was great to see my littermate, and Miley is a working service dog I’ve befriended who always shows me how to do complicated things like tuck sits. 

Submitted by: Leoni Paul