Last month (September), I was in heat, so I was pretty moody and tired, and we didn’t get to do much. However, the puppy swap with PADS Nat was fun, and I went on a long road trip with my raiser to visit my old doggy roommate, Tina. This month I went on an airplane! My raiser said she was so impressed with me settling on the plane both ways. Toileting on command when we got out of the airport in Calgary (a big win for me because I’m usually pretty adamant about having grass under my paws). I stayed in a whole new house with a new doggy friend, Keapa; she wasn’t very interested in playing with me, but we did get to go running in the forest together. I played on the river banks while she swam and grunted like a hippo in the water. I also got to meet Montana in Calgary; she was way more interested in playing. Still, I had to be gentle because she has a hard time coordinating her limbs (that’s okay, we played bitey face while lying in the flowerbed). While in Calgary, we attended a Loose Moose comedy show too! The staff were very happy to see me. 

When we got back to Vancouver, it wasn’t exactly slow for the rest of the month either- I got to go with my raiser to two different dance performances. She took me to the PADS Avengers Litter birthday party! The first dance show was at Cold Tea restaurant. It was a dinner and show combo, the dancers were going through the audience a few times, so they had to come and see where my bed was set up so they wouldn’t trip over me. I settled beautifully and impressed everybody. The second dance show was at Guilt and Co for Halloween. I settled through the whole thing and proved myself to the lady who didn’t want to let us stay

Submitted by: Leoni Paul