Bingo spent a week with Karen and David and their released PADS dog Magic. Bingo learned to swim and would follow Magic into the lake. They played endlessly and had a grand time going for walks and working on cues. Bingo also hung out with the sitter, Judy. They went shopping in the mall on hot days and worked on his settling skills in Chapters. We took Bingo to the beach yesterday, and as he feels so comfortable in the water now, he jumped right on the paddle board. We did not go too far, but he was having a great time, ears up and a smile on his face.

We all went to Comox for a week. He travelled well on the ferry and enjoyed the attention from Steve’s Mom. Bingo had a few dates with his buddy Toast walking the Greenway, playing in our backyard and even a trip together to Costco. Bingo has been busy!

Submitted by: Michelle and Steve