What a wonderful Okanagan spring, love this time of yearSuch pleasant weather to go for a hike among the blooming Arrowleaf Balsamroots. See 21-month-old Birdie among the yellow blossoms and hiking various trails in the area. 

We went to see Daniel Champagne, an amazing young percussive guitarist from Australia. It was a very small venue, packed full of people. We all enjoyed it immensely, including Birdie and our young grandson.  

A few days later, we attended the Armstrong Cheese Festival, which was packed full of people in search of free samples of yes, cheese, but also wine, beer, spirits, and delicious foods to test or purchase. We also ran into PADS DK there with his raisers Fred and Nancy. The pups were so well-behaved among all the people in attendance.

My 5-pin bowling league ended this month. We had 2 weeks of roll-offs (mini-tournament), and my team came in dead last. During roll-offs, we had to change lanes after every game, so Birdie had to resettle in a new spot each time.

One week she received some love from the grandchild of one of our players (see picture).  It was fun and a great experience for Birdie, she was always so calm and well-mannered. 

Reading with the kids at school continued after their Spring Break. One week we were entertained by the Black Dog String Quartet from Vancouver. They were very good and quite engaging with the audience. It was such an unexpected treat. Birdie settled nicely during the performance among a gym full of students and teachers.

Then another week at the school, Birdie got to see baby chicks up close that had just hatched that morning!

Our PADS pups participated in the “Paddles for PADS” Pickleball fundraisers in Vernon and West Kelowna. PADS Texas, Stellar, DK and Birdie were well-behaved as we mingled with the players and helped raise $5,600 for PADS.  A great event for the dogs and PADS.

We had four puppy classes this month where the pups continued to hone their skills. One week, we all went out in the parking lot and practised car loading with the pups. They all stayed put in their respective vehicles with the hatches open, and Toast & Birdie did the same in our car as well. Another week, as the dogs were lined up in a down position, we took turns walking over them one by one.

And lastly, Birdie’s breeding assessment went forward another step with her Penn HIP X-ray at a local Okanagan vet. I had to drop her off for a few hours while they sedated her and took the X-rays. She now only has one more test to go. Go Birdie!

Submitted by: Chris Buitinga