The big news this month, our baby puppy has gone into heat and has matured into a little lady dog! Time for “fancy pants” for the next while, but in our case, little boys’ underpants.

But before that happened Birdie participated in two PADS events this month: Kelowna Pride and Total Pets in Vernon sponsorship fundraiser, “Barking Lot”. About 8 or 9 PADS pups came out for the events. With Kelowna Pride, we gathered at Stuart Park and then marched in the parade to Kelowna City Park, which was full of booths, including a PADS booth where the pups took turns hanging out and schmoozing with the crowds. Always a great event with lots of people, kids and other dogs.

We had weekly PADS classes at the church, a one-on-one with Tamara at a local park and several of the pups had their eye exams done at Okanagan Animal Eye Care.

Birdie socialized this month with PADS Jelly in our backyard a couple of times, had a swim in the lake and a hike with PADS Athena and hung out with our grand pup Jeff for a week while his parents went on vacation.

Birdie also accompanied me for a haircut and weekly yoga classes by the lake. On Father’s Day, after a hike, we went to cool off at Soma Cidery where Birdie met a herd of llamas. One white one, named Snowball was acutely interested in meeting Birdie up close and personal.

Birdie also went to the local dump with us but was not allowed out of the car. We also checked out the construction at the end of our street. The noise of the digger did not faze her one bit.

The rest of the month became much quieter with Birdie in heat since she does not have public access during this time. It’s a time to rest and re-group. But for us, it was time to get our house listed for sale for the big move to Salmon Arm.

Submitted by: Chris Buitinga