I started April off finishing up a visit with a sitter while my raiser and her family were off (without me?!). No matter – my lovely sitter had kids and a whole different work environment for me to explore and learn from, so I was a happy camper!

Then I had a birthday! That’s right – Happy Birthday to ME! Apparently, I’d completed my first trip around the sun, and the humans were happy to celebrate. I’m always up for a partyand I LOVED my birthday present. The humans bought me this lovely crunchy hole-filled apple. They put my kibble inside and I have to pull out all these fun (and squeaky!) worms to get my treats. I’m not good at keeping it clean, but I am very good at taking my apple around with me everywhere at home. 

On the work side of things, I am getting good at being out and about at school with less kibble. I know my routines well and continue to be great with people and crowds. Now – throw another dog into the mix and I tend to be quite excited… but I’ll work on this in my second year. 

Until May!


Submitted by: Lindsay & Michael McWilliam