February brought adventures of all sorts. I was able to join my family on a short trip to BC, where I went cross-country skiing for the first time. No one gave me skis, but I certainly got to stretch my legs and trot alongside! Now that I’m getting older, I can be active for longer periods of time – which means all the more fun for me!

In the training department, I’m always working on reinforcing those good manners. I’m going to do my best to ignore the other dogs when I’m wearing my cape… I just love to play, can you blame me? I’m getting old enough though that my raiser says something about not being able to use any sort of ‘puppy pass’ excuse anymore. Sounds like she means business. I’ve also been able to chow down on a lot of kibbles as they have started to teach me to “go visit”. The goal here is that I’ll rest my head on someone’s lap and let them give me a good pet. My raiser thinks this is fabulous with her students, and so do I. I’m pretty good at putting my head down now, but the whole stay still while someone pets me, is still a work in progress.

I am still accumulating lots of ‘firsts’ these days. February marked my first time visiting Banff (they left me behind last time!!), as well as my first time in a healthcare setting. One of the littlest humans had another round of vaccines, and I was able to tuck in and support her beautifully. I’m not going to deny it, I was pretty popular in the waiting room. The nurses thought I was pretty cute too. I even fit under the chair to ‘go in’ when the big humans had to focus on other things. I also celebrated my first Lunar New Year by accompanying my family out for a delicious meal. Oh! And I can’t forget the lovely hearts that surrounded my bed on Valentine’s Day. Hard to believe this was all in the same month!

Until next time,

Submitted by: Lindsay & Michael McWilliam