March has been a month of snow and ice (the booties came back, and I’m pretty much a pro at those now!) and then a whole eruption of new and wonderful smells. I was born in April and in a warmer climate… so alas, smelling all the good things to smell as the snow and ice melt away, has been an all-time favourite undertaking for me. Even things that don’t smell so good to the humans, smell just fabulous to me.

Just today, actually, my raiser bathed me – as I’m apparently off to a sitter for the last couple of weeks of the month (so she submitted this pupdate early – don’t worry, she’ll fill you in on anything exciting in my April update!) and she wanted me smelling my best. She and I have different opinions about what that actually means, but the dirt and mud do show up on my lovely yellow fur. I can’t deny that.

This month I am stepping up my game and giving my ‘heel’ and ‘side’ an upgrade. I’m quite good at ‘heel’, but not as consistent with ‘side’. On the side, my raiser is trying to teach me to ‘go visit’, so I can rest my head on the laps of students. We’re getting there. I’m always happy to have a place to lay my head… I just don’t always like to keep it there if someone wants to pet me too. What I do LOVE, is that my work days now have more outdoor time with the weather improving. That’s a huge perk. We’re back to making weekly trips to the library or other community outings with our human students. Paw-some!

See you in April!

PS – Do you like my soccer medal? Indoor season is now complete – and I can’t wait for the outdoor season!

Submitted by: Lindsay & Michael McWilliam