November brought some confusion for me, I’m not going to lie. One day I’m out going for lovely long walks on brown grassy fields (great for sniff-ari walks!), and the next day I’m dashing back into the house awfully fast because it’s awfully cold (you really want me to pee out there?!). This is my first winter, and my raiser tells me that so far it has been pretty mild. Should I be nervous?

In the meantime, I’ve really settled into my school. I get to be in a classroom two or three days a week, and I’ve become quite popular. The photo of me in front of all the colours and tree trunks is my classroom. I usually can’t post photos of students, but I do have a photo of me hanging out with an awesome human staff member, Erin, and she said I was cute enough that we could share that snapshot. The rest of the student population has slowly come to learn about me after they did a session on assistance dogs in their homeroom classes – so now I get lots of visitors. I’ve learned that this is an excellent way to get my daily massage sessions in.

I had a quick stay with my new friend and sitter extraordinaire, Lesley, and got to go shopping with her at a pet supply store (fun place!) and had a great play with a dog friend. Apparently I might have to get a bit better at coming when called during dog playdates…I don’t know if the humans understand how hard that is.

I’ve been working really hard at home and in puppy class on ‘perch’ and I’m doing amazing at that. I can perch on pretty much anything my humans tell me to, and am getting good at anticipating what to do in class time. This helps me be less distracted by all the other dogs in class. 

I also had my first visits to some of the indoor soccer domes here in Calgary and was so impressed to see the ropes on the doors for some of my PADS brothers and sisters who are more advanced than me to be able to open and close them! In the meantime, I worked on staying settled while watching soccer games and did a good job of resisting the temptation to join the fun. My reward came after which was a lot of meet n’ greets from small human soccer players.

We ended the month by putting up a lot of fun coloured lights outside the house. I tried them on too! 

Until next month,


Submitted by: Lindsay and Michael McWilliam