Good morning! Young Blair has transitioned nicely to our apartment and our lives. She’s up and ready at 0530-0600 each morning and is ready for kenneling by 2000hrs. We try to keep her up until 2030, but she can fall asleep sitting up. She’s very food-motivated and always eats her three meals a day. She’s lost a couple of her baby teeth, which explains all the chewing on her toys.

When we take her out in the car, we place her in the front passenger floor, although the space is getting smaller, or maybe she’s growing! We are working on “perch” and she can jump onto a flat rock. The leap into the back of the SUV has yet to be mastered. She sits and does a quick down for treats, but stand is still a work in progress.

We live downtown near Princes Island Park, so scooters, bikes, strollers and rollerblades are de rigour. She seems very comfortable around young children and smaller dogs, although we don’t have interaction as yet.

Submitted by: Karen Saunders and Heather Nicholson