On April 12, Blazer II flew from Vancouver to Calgary with the PADS Fly Guys. He made fast friends with PADS Wowza who accompanied him on the same flight. We picked him up from the airport, and he became one more furry member of our household. Blazer was pretty calm and laid back the first few days he spent with us, and we felt very lucky to get such a mild-mannered puppy. As it turned out, he is a brilliant little actor. After the first couple of days, his spicy nature started to show.

Blazer has the most expressive eyes of any puppy I’ve seen, and he knows how to use them to his advantage. However, I am not easily swayed by a pretty face and have been putting him through the paces to become a well-mannered and respectful puppy. He is very stubborn but is also a quick learner. We’ve been working on sitting nicely during mealtimes, loose leash walking, crate training and staying calm around PADS Cliff and our cat. He has a tendency to get over-excited around Cliff who tolerates him for only so long before retreating to his own space. Fortunately, Blazer needs lots of sleep so there is plenty of alone time for Cliff.

We have taken Blazer on a couple of outings – a quick trip to Costco and Tim Hortons. He has explored a few streets in our neighbourhood and has spent time sitting in the front yard with us watching the world go by. We have had several visitors to our home since Blazer arrived, and he steals the hearts of everyone.

Submitted by: Tracey