Blazer has had a busy month of outings and training. He has enchanted people at the library, grocery stores, restaurants and Market Mall. The distractions in public places can be tricky to navigate, but he is really good at keeping his attention on me. He is an exceptional car traveller whether going across town to the PADS facility or taking multiple trips with me out of town to visit my parents. Blazer loves to run and sniff around their huge backyard, and he is very fond of my dad who is also very fond of him.

Loose leash walking is a work in progress, but Blazer is showing promise even offering heels and sides at times. He recently discovered the joy of mud on the sidewalk, and now I fear that he will constantly be on the lookout for it to tramp in. He’s eager to learn new things. I can see him thinking intently when we are working on something new.

Blazer is growing so fast, we moved him to a bigger crate this month. He really likes the extra space to stretch out in, but his favourite place at home is wherever his dog bed is. He takes a little running leap into it when he sees it.

Submitted by: Tracey