Hello, this is Brinks reporting in.

At the beginning of this month, I moved to a new home. I miss my last family, especially the dog siblings, but I have received a warm welcome here. This place only has 2 cats and they are slowly warming up to my awesome personality. My new mom bought me a few new toys. I especially like the noisy ball. I get to toss it in the air and it makes funny sounds to keep me interested. I have a large yard so I get to run around with it. There is a great park very close to where I live now. It has lots of action going on every time we go. Lots of humans, both big and small, and lots of dogs, but it also has lots of wildlife, birds, hares, muskrats, deer and supposedly some coyotes, but I have not seen any.

My new mom volunteers in this really large building, so we go there several times per week. She says I am awesome when I have my vest on. So well behaved, and mild-mannered. Sometimes when we are at home, I give her some adolescent attitude, but she’s a tough nut and doesn’t let me get away with it. ( Most of the time.)

We also go to another really big building. It has some older people who live there and they love it when I come to visit. I am teaching about what it means to be a service dog, but mostly they all just want to look at my handsome self. I get to practice my elevator skills there too.

I did have a sleepover at another PADS sitter. We went for a really long walk, then went to visit a mall. Inside, I learnt all about a train on a track. It had me confused for a little time, but I finally figured it out.

Classes are going well. Sometimes I get to see my old humans. That is always fun. I have really been growing lately, I am close to 60 lbs now, and continue to grow into my handsome adult self.

Well, that is about it for now. Talk to you next month, Brinks out.

Submitted by: Tina