Hello all, Brinks reporting in. July was a month of new adventures.

It started off, on Canada Day where I was allowed to watch a long line of people doing some very different things with many different sounds and smells. There were lots of people all around me watching too. Mom said it was a parade. What I really found interesting and set my nose twitching was the very large dogs that went by, although …they didn’t smell like dogs. Some of them watched me like a hawk. I am not sure why, I was a perfect gentleman, only my nose was moving and I didn’t make a sound. Mom called them horses.

July brought new treasures into my yard, in the form of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Mom put a small fence up around them to keep me out. I have discovered that I can hop right over that little fence and have a little nibble when I am allowed some free time in the yard. Yum, yum.

Still working on the skills that will make me an incredible helper one day. I like to get down the stairs as quickly as possible. Not that I am afraid of the stairs, I just think it’s fun. Mom insists that I walk slowly as a gentleman. We have tried some new tools out, namely, a harness and a Halti. Mom says these are to remind me not to pull off to some scent that I have just discovered on our walks. I am getting quite big, still growing and mom says I don’t know my own strength when I want to reach something. I have to admit, I don’t like those tools, but they are a good reminder.

I went for a visit to some new friends while Mom went on a holiday. Thanks, Teresa, Tracy and a third lady, but I have forgotten her name (it was just overnight). Tracy had a dog friend for me to play with that was extra fun.

Well time to go play, until next month, Brinks out.

Submitted by: Tina