Hello everyone, Brinks reporting in.

The month of October was filled with out-of-town guests. It was a revolving door of new people. I found it so exciting. Mom made me practice my greeting skills, sometimes I had to be tethered because so many people were coming in at the same time. So, it was a month of interesting smells and sounds, (some humans spoke really funny) I tried to get away with some different things, like bringing the guests their socks they left on the floor, or the shopping bags they left at the front door. I am exceptionally proud of myself when I can pick up big bags and bring the bag to a human. I got lots of attention and boy do I enjoy belly rubs.

Even with all the guests, we still managed my favourite thing-sniffy walks. We didn’t manage to do too many formal training sessions this month. In class, we have been working on sitting, standing and lying down for periods of time. Also keeping my nose from checking things out on the ground when I am in a vest. That’s a hard task, as I love to explore the world around me. That cold white stuff came this month, covering up things I like to investigate. So, I had to dig around in it to find things underneath – what fun!!

While we were out shopping, we did come across some interesting “things.” They kind of looked like humans but didn’t smell like humans. Mom said they were decorations. One moved and made noises, which kind of freaked me out, but not really. I checked it out quite thoroughly, I didn’t worry cause mom wasn’t worried and that helped me stay calm.

Until next time, Brinks out.

Submitted by: Tina Steffler