It was a joy to celebrate Bruni turning one year old this December! It is remarkable to reflect on this incredible pup that she is, and how this wee little energetic pup is now a young lady (but still with lots of energy). Bruni LOVES to work, and goes from 0 to 180 when we do training — we have never known a pup to move so quickly. Even though she is high energy, she knows when to settle and does a good job of that (although she finds laying around VERY boring.) Dog distraction continues to be worked on.

This month was quite chill, a much needed relaxation during Christmas break. We went on a few hikes and spent much time at Crescent beach and Cultus Lake enjoying the serenity. She also came on various shopping trips this month. As always, Bruni is so thrilled when Tommy and Tony are around, and she got extra doses of them during the break. She even had a special visitor as 12-week-old Alina came by for the day. But the most exciting part of this month was the snow — Bruni literally jumps for joy (bucking like a bull!) in the snow and always wanted to be outside.