June has been the best month yet with Bruni! 

Not only was it her half birthday, but she also got to meet her predecessor, PADS Tommy, AND go to school.

This month, Bruni demonstrated that she was resilient, calm and independent. 

She has become very “chill” with activities that require restraint like teeth brushing and nail clipping, which has been a huge success for us.


At the start of June, she went to school for the first time.  She did well, but would occasionally get excited if a small child would run to, or away from, her.  By the end of June, she was phenomenal around children and was exposed to loud sounds (busy classrooms do that to you!), bright lights and balls flying everywhere (thanks Dodgeball!)

Having Tommy around was helpful with Bruni’s training.  An area of growth has been her engagement around other dogs – they are prime motivators for her.  During our few days with Tommy, Bruni learned how to settle in the house and ignore him, as well as only engage with him outside on the “Go Play” cue.  It was great for her to learn these skills from “Uncle TomTom”.  We have seen these skills transfer into other situations with dogs, but it is definitely still an area of growth and we are trying to find opportunities to improve in this area.  The Trainer’s Toolkit has been amazing to build and refine engagement for Bruni.

Submitted By: Ryleigh Jacobs