We love spring! Bruni adores the glorious sunshine and all the new plants/animals visiting our backyard. She just sits back and observes, taking it all in. This month, we had Cobbler and Pepper spend some time with us. At first Bruni was a little hesitant, but they all grew to be fast friends. We are so impressed by her growth in dog distraction. At this point, she doesn’t bat an eyelid for the small dogs and will check in with the big dogs.

We also had the opportunity to go on some adventures: we chased waterfalls and went for countless walks by the river. We met dear little Myla there. She won the PADs competition a while ago and has been wanting to try out her pink PADS treat pouch. It was a great day and Bruni was incredibly obedient. We also went all the way to Pitt Meadows where we got married and walked along the road.

Another exciting part of May was that Ryleigh, one of Bruni’s raisers graduated from Harvard. Bruni was also celebrated at grad as everyone’s favourite pup and guest on Zoom. She definitely got Ryleigh through the online learning!

Bruni also spent the last few days of the month with Ewa, one of her favourite sitters. They had a good time with lots of new learning opportunities!

Submitted by: Ryleigh Jacobs & Caleb Vanderleek