This month, Bruni has a new schedule to help with her training. Her lovely raisers have been going the extra mile (literally) to pick her up from her trainer’s house every day and drop her off every night. Bruni was finding it challenging to be around so many dogs since she didn’t enjoy the bouncing and pushing about, that the other labs like to do at the trainers’ house. She prefers her own space, even when riding in the car. Bruni still loves the school atmosphere she was brought up in and still gets to help the children and teachers every once in a while – they all love her very much there! Her biggest challenge has been getting her nails trimmed, and she is continuing to work through her fear of it.

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Bruni!

Advanced Training Location: West Coast (Satelite)

Submitted by: Lisa, Apprentice Service Dog Instructor