As Bruni approaches 1 years of blessing us with her presence here on earth, she seems to be growing like a weed. At times she still has her cute puppy face and yet, at other times, she has a beautiful elegance about her. Not to mention, she has gotten tall!

Bruni has been going to school more frequently, and she had a few sets of full weeks at school this month. This has been good for her as she has learned how to settle in public spaces — she is a high energy pup and gets bored very quickly.

We have discovered that she LOVES to work. Training is her favourite part of the day as she wiggles and wags, speedily doing any cue asked of her regardless of whether there are treats involved. Currently, we are working on ways to play with Bruni that require limited mobility for us. She is not particularly interested in this, so we will keep working on it.

As always, she has loved all of the adventures with brothers Tony and Tommy.

Submitted by: Ryleigh Jacobs and Caleb Vanderleek