Bruni has been back to school for a full month. For the most part, she does incredibly well with children and gives them all the love in the world. As we walk down the hall together, you can hear students saying “AW, Bruni!!” and following her around. She has been an incredible support for those that get anxious during presentations and for those who need extra TLC and motivation to read. High-excitement situations, like squealing teens playing dodgeball in an echoing gym, have provided good training opportunities for Bruni.

While most of her life has revolved around school this month, we have also gone on many adventures. We have gone on many hikes (just walks really) with her weekend visitor, PADS Hendrick, to shopping malls, riding transit and admiring the Halloween decorations that are already out. A highlight this month for Bruni was getting a giant Unicorn pillow that she somehow drags everywhere to sleep on.

Submitted by: Ryleigh Jacobs & Caleb Vanderleek