This month was a busy one for Bruno! He ended April by spending a couple of days with a sitter where he got to hang out with a fellow puppy in training. For the first week of May, advanced dog Alpine stayed the week. This was a fun but busy time in the house.

Bruno and I have been going on weekly training outings with the puppy in training Mero and her raisers. This has provided Bruno with the opportunity to work around another dog while maintaining his manners in public. Bruno exceeded my expectations and took everything in stride. He was unfazed by the various sights and sounds at Bass Pro but was quite amazed at the fish.

This month Bruno has learned ‘side’ and can transfer from ‘heel’ to ‘side’. We have also been working on skills from both a sitting and standing position and Bruno has shown a wonderful ability to transfer skills with the position changes.

At the end of the month, Bruno turned 1 and had a party with his friends! We went to a private off-leash park and Bruno got to let loose. In general, Bruno is fairly carefree but this was an opportunity to get all his crazy out.

Submitted by: Stephanie