Bruno continues to grow and learn at a quick rate! He is a sweetheart who loves everyone he meets. We have worked hard this month on the foundations of training including adding duration and distraction to ‘sit’ and ‘down’. He quickly picked up ‘heel’ and ‘chin’ and we are working on putting these on cue.

This month we went on a few outings to Canadian Tire to explore the Halloween decorations. Bruno was unfazed by the decorations and strange noises. We also went to a mall and explored new surroundings. He did really well and ignored most of the distractions. While walking through stores, he couldn’t help but take a sniff here and there. We will continue to work on this in further outings.

This coming month, I hope to take Bruno on more public outings and expose him to more and more. We will start working on ‘stand’ and ‘side’ while continuing to proof what he has already learnt.

Submitted by: Stephanie