Bruno is a fun guy who loves to have a good time. He adores people and gives a full-body wiggle when he sees someone he knows. Since he is now fully vaccinated, we are able to go to off-leash parks, which helps dispel his abundance of energy!

We are working on building his duration when it comes to training, as he is easily distracted. We continue to work on his house manners, and he is starting to realize that he can’t play 24/7. In our training sessions, we are working on the proper mechanics of ‘sit’ and ‘down.’ We have started adding in ‘chin’ and shaping ‘side.’ He has improved significantly when it comes to tasks that require handling including nail trims.

Bruno has been learning how to settle at work which he is excelling at! He is content to stay under my desk between appointments and settles well in a kennel during appointments. I started at a new workplace this month and Bruno has adjusted seamlessly. He is growing extremely quickly and showing no signs of stopping. I am excited for Bruno to continue to mature and progress in his training.

Submitted by: Stephanie