Camilo had a very busy month of “firsts”. He had his first trip on the Sky train where he did very well. He was aware and looking around, but he did not bark or whine and pretty much took it in stride.

Camilo had his first trip to the local Legion, where he met many of the patrons who all wanted to take his picture. He even stepped out onto the dance floor for some doggie moves!

Camilo learned all about basketball at his first high school tournament this month. He laid down in the stands and rested his head on the empty seat in front so he had a comfy spot to cheer from!

Camilo has been out to a few coffee shops where he’s chilled nicely on his blanket and waited for us to finish our cuppa and scones.

Lastly, Camilo was not impressed with dressing for pink shirt day this month but did his best to put up with it.

Submitted by: Ellen Ayer