Camilo has had a busy month! He had been to Home Depot for his first time, where he sniffed at every possible item, and all the store staff fell in love with him. He was very good and did not chew on any store items!

Camilo also had the opportunity to join other pups at the Burnaby campus to share some puppy love with the hard-working IT personnel. He really enjoyed his playtime with the other puppies on campus.

This month Camilo had his first field trip, which was to the Vancouver Aquarium. He was on his best behaviour and did very well on leash even though there were many distractions. Another first this month was Camilo’s walk and talk with trainer Tracy. This took place at Lougheed Mall, where he did very well on leash through the mall, on the stairs and in the elevator.

Camilo also spent two weeks with sitters while we were away and seemed to adjust well.

Submitted by: Ellen Ayer & Mark Merry