Campbell has been doing well in his classes and on various outings. He has graduated to a group class with six dogs where he continues to shine, and he’s doing great with his duration sit and down, even when the other dogs are walking nearby. Sometimes, though, the lure of horse manure can be very hard for Campbell to resist, so we’re working on that. He’s been introduced to sandhill cranes, Canada geese and loons this month. He has discovered the joys of meandering through marshes and wading in the lake. Campbell was very, very sure he wanted a kitty as his best friend when he first arrived, and he worked really hard to get the cats to love him. Alas, Campbell has a fickle heart, and now that Billie the cat adores him, Campbell has decided he would rather not have anything to do with him. Fortunately, Billie’s feelings are not easily hurt, and he continues to snuggle up with Campbell every chance he gets.

Submitted by: Catherine & Ian