Hello Again, It’s me, Campbell, checking in again from the island… 

April has been a busy month for me as my sitters have been taking care of a few other dogs this month. Poppi (Australian Labradoodle), Piper(another Lab) and then Mortimer(a Lagotto). At first, I was quite excited to meet each one but learned pretty quickly that rough-housing in the house was frowned upon! Usually, it was just one other dog and me, but we did have a couple of days when there were three of us. I have to say that it wasn’t all fun and games as my sitter took me out a lot and had to leave the visitors at home with Ron. Ha, ha, I felt pretty special! I have been to the post office where I saw another service dog, and we both behaved very well and barely acknowledged each other. I have been to lots of stores, including Costco, the Bay in the mall in Nanaimo, Save-on-Foods and Canadian Tire, to name a few. I get to meet up with Tweed and Smore once a week. We get to work with the other sitters, and they usually stop for coffee afterwards, and we three boys all settle down under the table while they chat…We continue to practice our basic skills, and I have to admit I still have to be reminded that I do not need to leave so many pee mails when we are out for a walk! I am getting better, though. I am getting really good at the “find it “game, and my sitter finds it more difficult to make the hunt more challenging. My nose doesn’t let me down! Cookies or peanut butter are the great rewards! I also enjoy my romp on the trails from time to time and thoroughly enjoy a good chase through the woods. 

That’s about it for now, so until next month. Have fun. 


Woof, woof.

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Campbell!

Advanced location: West Coast (Vancouver Island)

Submitted by: Linda, Advanced Training Sitter